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How A Practical Guy Came To Believe In Jesus

My background and training is in engineering, business, and finance. I have an MBA, graduating either #1 or #2 in those degree programs from well accredited colleges. Because of this training along with a lifetime of experience, I believe practically nothing unless it can be proven, and I trust most things even less. So how does a guy like me eventually come to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, was physically born into this world, died for my benefit, was physically raised from the dead, and now resides with God in a place called heaven…. and will one day return in glory to claim his church, his true followers? And no…..I’m not brainwashed!

We Lie First To Ourselves, Then To Everyone Else!

I grew up Catholic, and in Catholic tradition I was baptized as a baby with the few sprinkles of holy water on my forehead. Later, during my first year in college at a non-denominational church, I was told that only a “full emersion” underwater “dunking” was valid. So just in case the Catholic baptism truly was wrong, I figured it couldn’t hurt to be baptized a second time with full immersion, where at least this time I made a more conscious decision than I did as a baby!

Church & State – Revisionist History?

I read a post on Facebook recently which stated that “Christianity is the source of all hatred in this country”, and the post continued by saying “All Christians should be burned.” Needless to say, I was shocked by the audacity and boldness of the post, and have since frequently wondered how someone could be so deranged as to arrive at this conclusion. Yet, it is not unusual. If many in America today were willing to speak the beliefs of their hearts, they might say similar. Where does this come from I wonder?

Life, Liberty, and Property

The social contract of Life, Liberty, and Property, derived from the Bible and defined for us by famed philosopher John Locke, is the legal foundation to a free society. Without it, a free society falters into corruption, tyranny, despair, and eventually failure. The perversion and abuse of this social contract by the very institutions put in place to protect it is what has gone fundamentally wrong in America today!

Protests And Riots – Not About White Privilege

The rioting and looting we see across America today go much deeper than black vs white. While the violent protests may have been triggered by the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of a murderous police officer, evidence suggests these riots and attacks on the American way of life are rooted in something much deeper that just racism.

Kiss The Dollar Goodbye!

In the past four weeks, the Federal Reserve has increased the base supply of dollars in the economic system from $4.2 Trillion to $6.4 Trillion. That 52% increase is STILL GROWING RAPIDLY!

Gold Vs. Paper Contracts

For the past few weeks, spot gold prices seem stuck around $1600/oz. But wait! If I go online or to local bullion dealer, I can barely get an ounce of gold for less than $1800! Why is the bullion dealer selling it for so much more? Of course, this is wrong question! The right question is why is the listed spot price of gold so unnaturally low on the COMEX?

We’re All “Austrians” Now!

John Maynard Keynes laid the foundation for modern economic theory, a theory born out of the experiences of the Great Depression. Time Magazine featured the famed economist on the cover of their December 1965 issue. And President Richard Nixon, upon taking the world off the gold standard on August 15, 1971, proclaimed “We’re all Keynesian’s Now”, a quote attributed to Keynes rival economist Milton Friedman.