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Protests And Riots – Not About White Privilege

The rioting and looting we see across America today go much deeper than black vs white.  While the violent protests may have been triggered by the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of a murderous police officer, evidence suggests these riots and attacks on the American way of life are rooted in something much deeper that just racism.  Such evidence includes:

  • The indiscriminate destruction of statues of historical figures…..including those of men like President Lincoln whose decision to lead our nation into a civil war to preserve the union of the United States resulted in the abolition of slavery.
  • The looting of local businesses; businesses which had nothing to do with incidents of certain abusive police.
  • Mobs of protesters harassing private homeowners in wealthy neighborhoods such as Beverly Hills
  • The indiscriminate smashing of police and private vehicles in the streets.

Instead, the violent actions and rhetoric appear to be more of an attack against wealth inequality and an attack on capitalism itself, seen as the cause of the inequality.  The attackers are tearing down images of all men & women who built this capitalist nation.  They are tearing apart the fabric of America and its Constitution guaranteeing individual freedoms.  Given the current rate of unemployment, the highest now since the Great Depression, the economy has left many segments of our society suffering.  They no longer see capitalism as the panacea of hope it is purported to be.

Indeed, the co-founder of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, Patrisse Cullors, stated in a 2015 video that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists”, making clear that the movement is less about “black & white”, and more about “communism vs capitalism”.  Cullors was a student of Eric Mann, a leader of the communist “Weather Underground” domestic terror organization.  While promoting her 2018 book, “When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir”, Cullors again stated her support for a Marxist ideology.  She has openly expressed support for the US Communist Party, and particularly black communists.  She has also expressed praise for the 1960s Black Panther movement, a movement that similarly promoted communist/Marxist ideals.  Is it any wonder that the Black Lives Matter movement has quickly morphed into an anti-capitalist movement, attacking images of wealth while destroying all reminders of the men & women who gave their lives for our freedom, both politically and economically?

Without excessive wealth disparity though, these movements would NOT be able to gain a foothold.  The last time communists began rising in America was during the Great Depression.  So, is capitalism……which rewards some more than others…..the root cause of the communist movements?  The answer is NO!  Capitalism when practiced correctly roots out and destroys communist/socialist systems because they are not efficient.

Our society today is NOT capitalist (at least not purely)…..and THIS is the root cause of the unrest.  What we have today is less capitalism, and more “cronyism”.   This “cronyism” rewards those who have already won the economic game, while oppressing those trying to move ahead, with the ROOT CAUSE of this disparity centered in the Federal Reserve banking system.   Until we fix our banking system, any talk of fixing our political system is a waste of time!

We have a monetary/banking system based on debt and inflation.  The Federal Reserve prints dollars from thin air (i.e. the money created costs nothing of value), and the money only gets into circulation when the Federal Reserve LENDS it into circulation at interest……either buy buying US government bonds with the fake/fiat currency, or via the fractional reserve lending process.  Those with close relationships to their banks, having access to this credit, become the economic winners.  And when the economy turns negative, the banks decide who gets the credit and who doesn’t, ensuring that even their favored failing institutions can ride out economic storms…….when those institutions should have failed.

Under a gold standard however, money in the form of gold, is NOT free.  It cannot be created from thin air to rescue friends & family, and other “too big to fail” businesses that overextend themselves in debt.  A gold standard is the fairest, and most stable monetary system of all.  The value and interest on the money is set by free market forces, and not arbitrarily by a Federal Reserve board.  The arbitrary devaluation of our money, via unlimited ability to create money from thin air has caused a “forever inflation”, where the economically disadvantaged are unable to save wealth from their meager incomes.  Any dollars they save become devalued though the inflationary process…….stealing the little hope and wealth remaining of those trying to move up the economic ladder.

This chart below, produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows us just how much this inflation has cost our society since 1914 when the Federal Reserve began operations printing money from thin air, and more so since 1971 when President Richard Nixon removed all final remnants of the gold standard in America thereby unleashing the Federal Reserve money printing machines.  The numbers are even worse today, as the Federal Reserve just increased the money supply by over 50% due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the US Treasury lent trillions of those borrowed dollars to businesses the Treasury wanted to see remain intact.  At the same time, the Federal Reserve (a private monopoly central bank……not part of the US government) began buying the corporate bonds of large corporations, ensuring those corporations remain intact, even when they have effectively failed (i.e. the airlines), while small businesses everywhere were thrown out of business by the economic downturn.

When the dollar’s value is destroyed this much since 1971, wealth cannot be “saved” in the form of dollars, directly affecting those in the lower rungs of the economic ladder…..who only know how to save dollars.  They are trying to walk forward on a treadmill which is moving them back faster than they can walk forward!  They also do not have, or know how to have, an appropriate relationship with their bank.  Therefore, an increasing segment of the population falls further and further behind economically.  Note that it is not just black activists tearing down statues of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson!

It is a known fact that masses of the population riot and loot at some point when they don’t feel economically secure, or they become disadvantaged.   THE primary source of economic wealth disparity is to be found in the banking system, a Federal Reserve system based on cronyism, and NOT free market capitalism. 

To see an end to the riots and these communist insurgencies, the banking system must be fixed NOW by restoring our money to the gold standard, thereby allowing REAL capitalism to flourish, rightfully rewarding those who produce wealth most efficiently, while purging those companies that operate least efficiently!   Only by fixing the broken banking system and restoring America to sound money, can we make America great again, and see an end to this communist insurgency.

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