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End These Unlawful Lockdowns! Lessons from the 1957/58 Flu Pandemic.

State and local government officials across much of the United States should be slapped with MASSIVE lawsuits and perhaps jail time for violating the United States Constitution and their oaths of office.

Individual governors, individual mayors, and individual sheriffs are implementing unlawful police states in the name of “safety”. They are arresting and fining people in their own backyards at family barbecues for not “social distancing” from each other, or in some cases for walking on their own private beaches by themselves. (Mike Huckabee sues police for threatening to arrest him on his own private beach:

These edicts are NOT LAWS! Laws require a legislative process, and input from the people! The state legislatures are not being asked, or even afforded the opportunity for input. It is individual politicians, in some cases un-elected, who are just deciding on their own, and with incomplete and incorrect information. The edicts are simply an abuse of power, and these politicians implementing police states should be charged with violating their own state and federal laws. They should be charged with treason for threatening and violating the US Constitution!

Under the US Constitution, you have the right to peaceably assemble to petition the government. Except now, where assemblies are no longer allowed!

Under the US Constitution, you have the right to free speech. Except now when YouTube and Facebook censor your opinion that disagrees with the World Health Organization’s stance on the Chinese coronavirus, with the encouragement of the state governments, not to mention the communist Chinese regime!

Under the US Constitution, you have the right to freedom of religion. Except now when many state & local officials have deemed going to church an illegal activity.

Further assaults are taking place against your US Constitutional right to bear arms, as states block gun sales as being too risky an activity that might spread disease, while leaving marijuana dispensary’s open and making formerly illegal drugs available to the homeless on the streets.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is fighting back against these violations of his constitutional right to conduct business by filing a lawsuit against Alameda County in California. He has also promised to relocate his Tesla business headquarters to another state!

Musk is doing the RIGHT thing to protect his business and protect his constitutional rights from the illegal police states. California has become a communist police state, and it’s high time that American’s pull out making that state’s politicians suffer severe economic consequences! There are too many other states like Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado that are friendly to business.

Yes, we have a serious coronavirus on our hands. But a lockdown police state is NOT the way to handle the situation in a free society. This response has been a tragic mistake!

Instead, we should look at what we did in 1957 when a serious flu pandemic killed 116,000 Americans. At the time, the United States population was 171 million, compared to 325 million today.

Most people have never heard of the 1957-1958 pandemic, because for most people, life went on as normal. People went to work as normal, versus the 33.5 million people who were thrown out of work by the police states we have in office today. A few schools around the country were closed, but the vast majority remained open and classroom instruction went on as usual.

Back then, we didn’t rely on government officials for our health. As American’s we relied on ourselves! If we were at risk, we protected ourselves individually to the degree necessary for our individual circumstances.

Elvis Presley concerts went on as usual. Dwight D. Eisenhower still held social gatherings at the White House. And eventually, the disease went away, just like the coronavirus will go away.

If you have a problem with a virus, then YOU need to change! We seem to have morphed into a society that when YOU have a problem, everyone else needs to change!

These lockdowns need to end immediately, as the damage being done by lockdowns is greater than any damage done by a virus! Then we need to have a serious discussion as to why America has abandoned its foundation of liberty and justice for all!

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