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Kiss The Dollar Goodbye!

In the past four weeks, the Federal Reserve has increased the base supply of dollars in the economic system from $4.2 Trillion to $6.4 Trillion. That 52% increase is STILL GROWING RAPIDLY!

Any time you increase the supply of something without a corresponding increase in demand, the price/value will eventually decline by the amount of the supply increase. At a minimum, it would be fair to say that the dollar will now lose at least 52% of its value. The result is that prices across the economy will increase by 52% (or more!).

The Federal Reserve is DESTROYING THE DOLLAR in an attempt to save the economy. Oddly, their charter is to PRESERVE the value of our currency, even if it means causing a recession. They are doing the complete opposite!

The Federal Reserve has NOT done it’s job! As such, I recommend the following actions to fix our economic system:

  • END the Federal Reserve system.   It is a FRAUD that a private bank can print money from nothing, and pretend it has value.
  • END ALL Fractional Reserve Banking.  This is also a FRAUDULANT practice… lend currency you don’t have!  This practice is used by the Federal Reserve member banks.
  • Restore Gold & Silver to the only legitimate money……as is written in the US Constitution (and is still valid)
  • Restore TREASON as the penalty for corrupting gold and silver as the legitimate currency of the nation. (as is written in the US Constitution)
  • Restore the Glass Steagall Act put in place after the Great Depression, which separated Investment banks, commercial banks, and insurance companies (Bill Clinton & George W Bush BOTH tore the law down)
  • Restore the ILLEGALITY of derivatives…..with the exception of basic options and futures.  Pass laws that prevent speculation with these instruments unless the parties have a vested interest.  (i.e. you cannot enter into an OIL futures contract unless you either A) sell oil as a business, or B) consume oil).
  • Mandate that principles of sound money be taught in schools.  Currently, it is forbidden!

Only by having sound money can our nation prosper! Will it happen? Probably not, if history is any guide!

In the meantime, you can protect yourself from this fraud and incompetence by converting dollars into gold and silver coin.

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