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Central Banks Invent Cure For Coronavirus!

A central bank’s answer to EVERYTHING is to print more currency! We should all know this by now. Stocks drop? Print currency! Impeachment? Print more currency! AIG fails? Bail ’em out with trillions in printed currency!

Now we face a coronavirus flu pandemic, and we are learning that the proper prescription is…..drum roll please…… print more currency. Yup! The Federal Reserve along with other central banks believe they can cure a bad flu bug by adding more currency to the money supply!

These omnipotent, all powerful, academic Oz’es behind the thin monetary policy curtain have become so arrogant, they truly believe they can not only eradicate recessions, but also the common cold. Don’t worry about a thing. There is no problem that more dollars in circulation can’t fix! So they would have us believe!

Of course, more dollars in circulation IS the problem! This printed (or digital) currency IS the cause of growing homelessness in America, as home prices continue inflating. Excess currency IS the cause of skyrocketing debt in America. Excess currency IS the cause of growing wealth disparity, creating class warfare across the world. Excess currency IS the root cause of many broken homes and even the opioid epidemic, as stressed families struggle to pay bills for even the most basic needs.

One of the best lessons we can learn from the Roman Empire is that “sound money” is the foundation for a sound economy and fair society. The western Roman empire fell into an inflationary disarray as they debased their currency by thinning their coinage with lessor metals like copper. The eastern empire under Constantine however prospered for hundreds of years longer as they closely guarded the integrity of their gold coinage! Eventually, they too succumbed to currency debasement, and that empire similarly failed.

I call on my readers to become aware of the negative role central bank currency printing is having on our world! We tend to blame republicans, or democrats, rich or poor, yet neither holds the influence of a central banker.

Famed banker of days past Mayer Amschel Rothschild once said, “Permit me to issue and control a nation’s money, and I care not who makes its laws.”

Unelected central bankers are indeed more powerful, and probably more corrupt, than your elected politicians. Regardless of what Wall Street sells you on CNBC, the bankers have not repealed the economic cycle, and more currency in circulation will not cure the effects of the coronavirus. As they continue bailing out their banking buddies (dare I talk about the ongoing overnight repo market bailouts? Or the probable QE5?), the rest of us are getting ill choking on the inflationary ink of their newly minted currency!

The ONLY cure for our economic and societal woes is a sound money system. And the ONLY way to assure sound money is to use money that cannot be printed at the first sign of someone sneezing. This is why the United States Constitution specifically indicated that ONLY gold and silver coin were to be used as money!

UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION: ARTICLE 1, SECTION 10 states: “No state shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a tender in payment of debts”.

We are where we are because we abandoned the still active principles of our Constitution. We abandoned the gold standard (completely by August 15, 1971) in favor of allowing a central bank to print, and inflate, away our wealth, and did so in complete violation, via a twisted justification, of our very clear Constitutional law!

There is a day of reckoning coming for all of us as the “unsound” debt-money system created by central banks collapses on us all. Just like printing currency cannot cure the flu, it also cannot create wealth. It distorts the economic system, creating things like negative interest rates, unreasonable stock bubbles, and a misallocation of our nation’s resources.

You can protect yourself from central bank monetary debauchery by holding physical gold and silver yourself. As famed banker JP Morgan once said, “Gold is money. All else is credit.” When that credit collapse and day of reckoning happens, you will be holding money, not their useless credit in the form of dollar bills, or worthless stock or bond certificates.

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