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Bolshevik Terrorists!

I typically try to avoid the sensitive political commentary minefields, and prefer instead to focus on financial ideas where I can add value. But today’s rhetoric by the Bolshevik terrorists who occupy the US House of Representatives has finally pushed me over the edge!

Nancy Pelosi and her band of communist revolutionaries are intent upon voting tomorrow to restrict the Trump Administration, and by extension the men and women in uniform, from using further military options against Iran.

Now whether you agree or not with President Trump’s prior action to assassinate designated Iranian terrorist Major General Qasem Soleimani, that action is now history. It is a fact that will never change. It is a fact our men in uniform must now deal with. It is a fact Iran must deal with as well.

Iran has chosen to escalate the conflict by firing multiple missiles at our airbases and embassy, not only last night, but also tonight.

Now, with all the stupid cockamamie ideas Pelosi’s no-good gang of idiots can dream up, they want to prevent our men and women in uniform from firing back when fired upon…….unless they ask her first! Say what??

My thought is if these Bolshevik losers want to command, they should all be right there on the front lines, making themselves readily available to respond the very instant the shells start flying! And if they keep opening their mouths spewing stupid ideas like blocking our military, I might be there with them to draw targets on their asses!

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