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NBA – NATIONAL Basketball Association: But Which Nation?

This post is a rant I have had for years! The time is LONG overdue for American corporations and organizations to start behaving like Americans!

After all, they are AMERICAN organizations! As such they support democratic values. They support free speech, and the free political process. They don’t silence the critics, and instead they stand strong to promote their case and business with the United States Constitution as their business Bible!

The NBA (National Basketball Association) this week totally cratered to the communist Chinese government, forsaking the United States Constitution and its guarantee of free speech, by revoking the free speech rights of Daryl Morey, General Manager of the Houston Rockets basketball team.

Morey in a tweet on social media site Twitter voiced support to the protesters in Hong Kong, a freedom protest the Chinese government is trying to suppress. His tweet, since deleted, stated “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong!”

The NBA ownership completely and forcefully lashed against Morey, primarily since the NBA has a significant revenue stream from China.

So I ask, at what point did the NBA denounce ALL American values in exchange for money? At what point did the NBA decide the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and your right to FREE SPEECH are meaningless doctrines? At what point did the NBA become an arm of the Chinese communist regime?

Apple Computer:

Apple Computer is another AMERICAN company that derives revenue streams from China.

Last night, Apple removed an application from the Apple Store that assisted freedom protesters in Hong Kong with identifying where communist Chinese police brigades are located……not much unlike how we utilize apps to tell us where local traffic speed traps are located.

When did Apple decide they were also part of the Chinese communist regime?

America FIRST!

You are either American, or you are not American! You either support liberty, or you don’t support liberty! You either believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, or you don’t! There is NO in between!

If you are bought off, you are no better than Benedict Arnold, who similarly sold out America for money during the Revolutionary War with the British.

All these companies that are espoused as strong leaders in the free world are turning out to be nothing more than prostitutes, selling themselves and our values out to Chinese communist pimps for money. They are NOT strong. They are weak! And if they continue down this path, I question whether we should even refer to them as American, or buy their products!

It is time we put America FIRST! We can treat other countries with respect when we are in their country. But NEVER should we compromise or sell for money the values and freedoms that make us uniquely American!

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