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Violence erupted all over France today as protests against the international banking cartels, the main cause of France’s economic difficulties, continued.

Millions of overtaxed people who cannot meet their basic living needs lit fires in the streets, and clashed with police.

The immediate trigger this time was that France could find money to rebuild the Notre Dame cathedral, but could not find money to help its citizens escape poverty. These riots have been going on daily for 6 months!

The riots are far from over. As long as large central banks, like the European Central Bank, continue to rob the people of Europe & France by creating money from nothing while charging interest that can never be paid back, which leads to ever increasing taxes, the riots will not only continue, they will also spread.

The French people have had enough. The corrupt banking system has made it near impossible for citizens in the western civilization to live. A simple look at the cost of living in San Francisco, and the ever inflating real estate bubble there, has made it impossible for 6-figure income earners to afford a closet to live in!

All the central bank money printing, an act of “counterfeiting” if committed by someone else, has boosted prices, and incomes have not kept up. This artificially created inflation is nothing less than theft. We should call it what it is!

It’s time to strip the banking cartels from their role of mismanaging our money supply. They have failed miserably. It is time we go back to a sound money system based on gold and silver.

You can see from this chart below how much inflation has been created since the Federal Reserve (The US Central Bank) came into existence in 1914, and when it was completely unleashed in 1945.

The United States, like all western economies, had a sound money system when gold was money. Only since the creation of the central banking cartels has inflation been an issue, stealing value from everyday people.

End the Fed. End the European Central Bank. And go back to a gold/silver based monetary system. As for France, we hear you!

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