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French REVOLUTION. 2.0!

Amazingly, not much has been mentioned in the mainstream media about the “Yellow Vest” protests in France, where millions of French have taken to the streets in sometimes violent protests against the globalist agenda, a fraudulent international banking system, and high taxes.

Billed as a “war against the elite”, These massive riots (shown here in a video clip from yesterday: have been ongoing for 18 weeks (4.5 months), and have spread to other nations as well, including Britain, Belgium, Canada, Taiwan, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, and The Netherlands.


The initial flash point for the protests in France was the imposition of a gas tax on the French people by France’s president, Emmanuel Macron. When 300,000 Frenchmen took to the streets in protest, and millions more soon followed, Macron reversed his decision on the tax. Yet weeks later, the riots are still growing in strength. So clearly, the gas tax is NOT the real issue. It was just the trigger.


I have written extensively about the (albeit “legal”) fraud committed by the banking system. It is a system that creates a dollar (or Euro) from nothing, lends you that dollar at interest, then demands that the dollar be paid back with interest.

If they only printed the 1 dollar, you can return that, but where do you get the interest?? They didn’t print that! The only place you can get that interest is to go back to the bank and borrow more.

The end result is a debt that can never be repaid, and the system ultimately fails after fleecing the people of their assets. This creates national debts that grow ever higher, and taxes that must also grow exponentially to pay the interest.

This debt-based monetary system also results in a continuous inflation.

As any economist will tell you, taxes and inflation are just fancy names for legalized theft! It is this theft of the people that the large banking institutions and central banks have “engineered”. It is this theft that the French Yellow Vests are protesting.


Through the actions of the international banking cartel, the ultra wealthy families of the past continue their globalist agenda of no borders, world laws that they write for their own benefit, global money/currency that they create from nothing and lend without competition, and free trade to maximize their profits at the expense of others.

Marine Le Pen, who ran against French President Macron in 2017, recently commented against the European Union’s immigration policies which are flooding France with millions of immigrants, against the general will of the French people. She stated that “France is loosing it’s identity” as a result.

Many of these same conflicts exist here in America. The entire debate about “The Wall” and keeping illegal immigrants out of America is so that the ideals of freedom and capitalism can remain intact. What would happen to the identity of Texas if they were suddenly flooded with 25 million illegal immigrants who are allowed to vote? What would happen to Texas’ political identity?

Freedom and capitalism are the enemy of globalists, who prefer socialism to help retain their money and power. Competition is “bad” for the winners! Hence, the French protests are a fight against the elite. It doesn’t matter if the elite is King Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette, or the international bank cartels of today.

The debt-based monetary system, high taxes, and free trade act to squelch the ability of the lower and middle classes to rise and better their position. It is these tools of oppression the French Yellow Vests are fighting against. Oddly, these are the same things George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and other American patriots fought against!

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