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Nothing Wrong Here. Everything’s Under Control. Slight Stock Market Malfunction!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was CRUSHED again today, DOWN 653 Points!!!

Meanwhile, analysts were paraded on CNBC one after the other, who collectively sang from the same “Everything’s Fine” chorus.  Reminds me of the following Star Wars clip…

I’m not exactly sure what pixie dust these analysts are sprinkled with, but if it’s that good, I want some!  The markets are anything but normal!

The unprecedented “Yellow Vest” riots in France are spreading to Belgium, London, Spain, Portugal, Canada, and now Taiwan.  French Politician, Marine Le Pen, produced a video over the past few days and commented that the issue there is not the tax, per se.  Instead it is Macron’s “globalist agenda” that is the primary issue.  France wants its own identity, and control of its own monetary system.  Instead, citizens of France are being forced to pay for problems elsewhere in the European Union, and they have had enough.

A few days ago, thousands blocked traffic on the London Bridge in Britain.  They want out of the European Union, NOW.  Theresa May is trying to compromise with the globalist bankers by proposing a deal that sort of leaves their foot in the door of the EU.  Again, the “globalist agenda”.

In Canada, protesters are fighting against “unlimited borders”.  The latest agenda of globalists is to dilute the identity of nations by mixing people from different origins into the same geographic areas.  When this happens, votes are diluted as well, and economics (i.e. big business and big banks) wins every time.

In the United States, no protests worth mentioning.  However, Donald Trump has launched is own anti-globalist agenda.  He wants border walls.  He has launched trade wars.  And finally, he is attacking the Federal Reserve, the root of all these economic problems.

Who are these “globalists”?  In a nutshell, they are the international bankers.  They built a corrupt monetary system where money is “borrowed” into circulation, instead of “issued” or “earned” into circulation.  In such a system, it is impossible to pay off debt, that must grow ever larger at an ever increasing rate.

This economic system is forever inflationary.  It also allows the bankers to pull back on credit to “engineer” recessions, or even depressions.  When they get challenges from politicians, they can tighten credit and the politician takes the fall.

There was no economic justification for Jay Powell to raise interest rates this month!  A history study of the Second Bank of The United States, whose charter was revoked in 1836, will show that they also engineered a recession to oust a sitting president.  This stuff really happens!

And should we talk about the avalanche of debt?  As interest rates rise, and the money supply is contracted, the ability of governments, corporations, and individuals to service their debt load will be curtailed.  Because of the amount of debt and derivative risk out there, massive corporate failures will result, and millions will be laid off as the cash flow dries up.

Like the last economic crisis, the banks are all burying their heads in the sand and repeating the same mantra…..”Everything’s Fine”.  Until it’s not fine.



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