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Stock Market December Collapse Worst Since The Great Depression (Dec 1931)

Came across this article on CNBC late yesterday about how the market collapse for December is now the worst since the Great Depression:

As you know, I have been warning for months that all financial (i.e. paper) assets are about to see a significant, once in a lifetime, collapse.  This means stocks, bonds, derivatives, and paper money itself is about to see massive declines in value.

Regardless of what the Fed does tomorrow, it WILL NOT MATTER!  The Fed dropped interest rates too at the start of the Great Depression.  Did it help?  NO!  Nothing will help until these debt bubbles are popped and dissolved.

In all likelihood, the Fed will raise interest rates tomorrow by a quarter point, and then sound lovey-dovey with the markets to keep them deflating on a gradual path.  We may see a small bounce for a day or two as short sellers cover.  Make no mistake, we are in a bear market!

Protect your assets by moving into REAL STUFF like gold or silver, and stay out of debt.  This is going to be a 1 to 2 year bumpy ride!

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