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You Still Drown When Moving To The Higher Side Of A Sinking Boat!

I saw this article today on CNBC titled “Investors are Flocking To Quality Stocks”.

Seriously?  ALL stocks are about to DROP at least 50% to 60%, and these guys are worried about being in the ones that only drop 45%?

It doesn’t matter what side of the sinking boat you are on!  At some point, you will be underwater, and will need to find a different boat!

Cash, gold, and silver the only things that will maintain some semblance of value in the near term.  When the Federal Reserve realizes they have popped the largest financial bubbles in world history, they will reverse course on interest rates, and you will then the greatest inflation in US History.  At that point, you will want to own only gold and silver.  Silver is a better deal right now.

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