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Mr. Trump Stop Being Two-Faced! It’s Time To Sanction Saudi Arabia!

We’ll spend whatever it takes to push back against unfair Chinese trade practices.  But when it comes to Saudi Arabia, we turn a blind eye to capital murder?  Mr. Trump, you are looking VERY WEAK here!

On October 2, 2018, Jamal Khashoggi was lured by a gang of Saudi nationalists, quite probably on the orders of King Salmon bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul Turkey.  He did not leave the consulate alive.

At first, the Saudi’s denied he was there.  Then they said he left on his own, and they didn’t know where he was .  When credible witnesses, waiting outside the consulate, said he never left, Turkish officials began investigating.  Now the Saudi’s have changed their story again, saying instead that Khashoggi got into a fist fight and died.  If so, how come nobody reported this, and most importantly, where is his body?

Jamal Khashoggi was a journalist working for the Washington Post.  He was also an open critic of Saudi King Salmon.  Turns out, the suspects in the death of Khashoggi all have close ties to the King, and arrived in Turkey only days before.

President Trump, Stop Being Weak!

President Donald Trump meanwhile doesn’t want to piss off the Saudi’s by sanctioning them.  So in a sense he is condoning capital murder because he is afraid the Saudi’s will cancel orders for military equipment.

Are you really that weak Mr. Trump?  What happened to the strong President you claimed to be?  What happened to principles and justice?  Or are you afraid the Saudi’s will retaliate by seizing some Trump real estate in that part of the world?

 It’s time we kick the Saudi’s where it hurts most… the oil pan!  Sanction their asses and STOP BUYING OIL FROM THEM! 

They have taken advantage of the United States far more than China ever did!  We have plenty of oil, and it’s time we put American’s to work drilling and fracking for it!

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