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Stock Market Manipulation At Its Finest!

Looking at CNBC’s website today, I see the following 2 articles, each one sponsored by a top tier New York investment bank.

One of these two banks is WRONG!

This first is a statement put out by Morgan Stanley which says (click to follow the link):  Morgan Stanley: The stock sell-off is going to get worse

The second is a statement put out by Goldman Sachs which says (click to follow the link):  Goldman says the sell-off is just about over and tells investors to get back into growth stocks

Since we all know the investment banks are downright crooked market manipulators, I am placing my bets on the facts.  The facts are that the market is severely overpriced and due for a LARGE decline!

Clearly Goldman Sachs missed getting their clients fully positioned for the market train wreck we are beginning to see.

Morgan Stanley beat Goldman to manipulating their way out of the housing crisis 10 years ago.  I’ll bet their strategists are beating Goldman this time around too, and are much better prepared than Goldman for the worst recession of our lifetime!

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