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Trump Tariffs Against China are GOOD!

America’s billionaires, who have no respect for American democracy, are out in force this weekend talking smack about the tariffs President Trump just imposed on China.  These are the same billionaires who would rather invest in a communist dictatorship, than the democracy that made them great!

Whoa to those Wall Street bankers who decided that China was a better investment than the good old USA!  May you lose every penny you invested in China because of the disrespect you have for your own nation!

It’s about time the President of the United States stood up to countries that illegally dump steel, aluminum, textiles, and other products in our country!  It’s about time we took China to task for violating intellectual property rights.  It’s about time we respected ourselves and took care of our own instead of supporting the rest of the world, especially communist nations who laugh at us and disrespect our trade laws while getting rich from our free markets.

Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence, had this to say about free trade:

“Should any nation, contrary to our wishes, suppose it may better find its advantage by continuing its system of prohibitions, duties and regulations, it behooves us to protect our citizens, their commerce and navigation, by counter prohibitions, duties and regulations also. Free commerce and navigation are not to be given in exchange for restrictions and vexations, nor are they likely to produce a relaxation of them. Principles founded in reciprocity appear perfectly just and offer no cause of complaint to any nation.” –Thomas Jefferson: Report on Foreign Commerce, 1793. ME 3:276

Jefferson is clearly saying that if a country continues to practice unfair trade, we have no choice but to protect our own citizens from the abusive practices with counter duties (tariffs) and regulations!

Of course Wall Street titans can’t have this.  They have invested billions of dollars in China.  American corporations have invested billions building plants in China.  Money center banks have invested billions in China.  These investments, sorry to say, were very short sighted!  They wanted the quick profit from cheap goods and communist slave labor.  Now those days are over, and they are not happy about it!

All I can say is:  Too bad, so sad!  Perhaps you should have some loyalty to your own country!  I really hope these trade restrictions and tariffs sting and burn those those saw China as a better investment than America.

There are certain principals that come before profit.  Respect for your own country and flag is one of them.


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