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North Korea Fires ANOTHER Missile Over Japan

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how the world yawned while North Korea fired a missile over Japan.  Well, it happened…AGAIN….tonight!  We’ll see if anyone takes notice this time.

Supposedly, the UN Security Council is meeting tomorrow.  The stock futures are trading only slightly lower… if this is business as usual.

Folks!  WAKE UP!  This is SERIOUS!  If Russia were to have fired a missile over the United States, we would not tolerate this for one second!  WWIII would begin!  We ARE Japan’s defense, due to treaties signed at the end of WWII, in exchange for Japan not keeping a military.  North Korea might as well have fired over the U.S.  It’s our defense zone!

Unlike Iraq, there ARE nuclear weapons in North Korea.  I have little doubt they will be launched if this conflict escalates.  If the U.S. attacks North Korea, China and/or Russia will be on the opposite side defending their communist neighbor.

If you have most of your 401k, IRA, or brokerage accounts invested in stocks, it may be time to review that portfolio, and take a more risk adverse position.

And while I am thinking about it, I wonder if North Korea is shorting our markets?  They fire a missile, the markets drop, they then make a bunch of money.

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