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Having The Right Attitude

Everyone has heard it at one point in their life:  “You need a better attitude”.  Or, “you don’t have the right attitude”.   Or, “You need an attitude adjustment”.

The truth is, regardless of your attitude, you ALWAYS have the right attitude.

Your attitude is an emotional reaction.  Emotions are NOT controllable.  Your attitude is an emotional reaction directly correlated with your level of perceived hope for your current situation.  If your hope is low, your attitude will reflect that level of hope.

While you may not be able to directly control your attitude, you CAN control your level of hope, and therefore influence a better attitude.

There is rarely a situation which is hopeless.  And if one is, the next situation may not be.  In my prior blog post, I pointed out that hope necessitates action.  If you DECIDE to act in a way that will drive positive results, your hope will improve, and the result will be a better attitude.

Proper planning, with realistic measurable expectations, will help you it this process.

So if you need an attitude adjustment, take some action!


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