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A Simple Fact About Politics

If you think politics drives the economy, you have it all backwards.  Instead, it is the economy which actually drives politics.

If you want to know what the economy is really like, look at the personalities and beliefs of those occupying both the Whitehouse, and your state’s congressional seats.

As the old saying goes, “People vote their wallets.”  If really radical individuals occupy the seats of government, it is likely due to an economy that is not very stable for the majority of people, regardless of what the “official” numbers say.

Politicians accomplish nothing.  The best ones simply sense the direction of the political winds, and then suggest to the masses, “let’s go in the direction of the wind.”  This gets them reelected.

Yes, do vote.  But recognize your financial condition will not change because of it.  Instead, your representative leaders got elected because of your financial condition.

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