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Invest In Things You Want…

Invest in things you want.  This seems like such an obvious statement, but it still amazes me at how many people invest their time and money in things that bring them trouble.

Take cigarette smoking for instance.  There is absolutely no redeeming value to smoking a cigarette, let alone smoking a pack a day like many do.  Cigarettes have been proven to cause lung diseases such as emphysema, tar buildup in the lungs, lung cancer, accelerated aging due to skin problems, heart disease, and a host of other problems.

Yet millions of people still spend about $5.50 a day (in most states) to buy a pack of cigarettes, roughly $2000 each year, so they can have these health “benefits”.  Pardon me for being blunt, but this is just plain stupid!

The money they spend directly on the cigarettes, and indirectly later on the health problems, prevents them from ever having the life they truly want.

The same arguments can be made for excessive drinking, inappropriate drug use, or any addiction including food, sex, and porn.

Now those are the obvious bad investments.  There are less obvious things we invest in without thinking about it.  What about certain relationships?  Many will spend time and money dating a partner they have no intention of staying with long term.    Do you invest money in a stock that’s going nowhere, or worse, declines?  Then why waste one cent or one minute investing in a relationship that behaves the same way?  Good relationships provide a continually improving life to those involved.

What about investing in a job that gets you nowhere?  Or more specifically, a mentor who is not providing the proper mentoring?  You career should not feel like something you just go to everyday to pay bills.  Instead, you should feel like you are growing, learning, or getting better at a skill.  The person whose leadership you work under should be offering valuable insight into how you can improve either your technical or interpersonal skills.  If you are not getting that feedback, you are investing in a company or team which will not benefit you over time.  It may be time to make a change, and invest in a company that will benefit your career.

American’s in particular invest in food, and more so dining out.  Our waistlines have been expanding dramatically over the past few decades, and many dieticians are calling our eating habits an epidemic.  As a nation, we are getting heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases because of excessively poor diets offered by restaurants and fast food chains, and our willingness to keep investing in them.  Again, we find ourselves paying lots of money, and spending lots of time, on stuff that is quite frankly hurting us.

The happiest, most fulfilling life will be the one where your resources are invested in the things you truly want.  Direct ALL your resources to those goals, without getting sidetracked and you will reach those dreams faster than you ever imagined!



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