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Give It All You Got!

Sometimes when I discuss the stock market, or a business, the person I am talking with will say they “tried the stock market once”, and the results they achieved were minimal if any.

As I listen to the language, I hear lots of things that are “tried”……

  • I tried quitting smoking
  • I tried starting a business once
  • I tried the stock market once
  • I tried losing weight
  • I tried managing once
  • I tried talking to him
  • blah blah blah……

Almost always, after every one of these phrases, there is a big fat “but”…….   “But, something got in the way of my success”.  Could your lack of success be because you only “tried”?

I remember when I went to college, I didn’t just “try” college.  I did college.  I decided I was going to go, and I gave it all I got.  Any time I have just “tried” to lose weight, I have been unsuccessful.  Only when I decided to lose weight, and make the tough choices, did I actually succeed.

Stop just “trying” life.  Instead, DECIDE to live it!  Determine what you want, and give it all you got!

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