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Stop Paying for Cable – Get TV FREE

When I was a kid, the only cost for having TV in the United States was the TV itself.  All programming came to you free of charge.  You plugged in your new TV, moved the antenna around, and the signals for ABC, NBC, and CBS just came in.

I learned yesterday that many people don’t know you can still get TV signals for FREE this way, and that a $100/mo or $200/mo cable bill is completely unnecessary…..albeit with fewer choices.  The only difference is that the signals broadcast over the air today are digital instead of analog.  So instead of the old “rabbit ears” antenna, you will need a newer digital HD antenna.  These can be purchased at most electronics stores for $20 to $60 depending on features and quality.  Most cost around $30.

If you want movies, you can still supplement your broadcast TV with a Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu movie service over the internet.

A high speed internet connection costs around $30/mo, allowing you to reduce that $150/mo cable bill down to $30/mo PLUS $15/mo for a movie service PLUS a 1-time antenna charge of $30.

These are some of my favorite digital antennas:

There are many more on the market, and they all perform basically the same function.  The main differences between them are:

  • Signal amplification:  Affects the distance it can receive from.  A 50-mile minimum distance is a good choice, unless you live close the broadcast stations.
  • Appearance:  What shape or color will look best in your home?

Other considerations are whether the antenna can sit next to your TV, or should be put in the attic, or on the outside of the house somewhere.  Most work fine sitting next to, or behind, your TV.

There is no reason to pay more than necessary for things you want!



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