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Do You Buy Stuff You Don’t Want?

A while back, I had an acquaintance tell me he was going to buy a brand new Lexus automobile.  In particular, he was looking at the upper end models, the ones that run around $80,000.  I knew approximately how much income this person took home, and understood it would have been a bit of stretch.  His existing car worked fine, but was getting old.  Nonetheless, he had his heart set on the Lexus.

A few months later, I again see my acquaintance, and he is driving a brand new lower end Honda.  I asked why he changed his mind about the Lexus.  He said the cost was too much, and he didn’t really “need” an expensive car.  At the same time, he still indicated that later he may “trade up”.  So he still had his heart set on the Lexus.

It then dawned on me.  My acquaintance spent $30,000 on a Honda he DIDN’T want!  He wanted the Lexus, but spent his resources on a Honda.  The sad part is that he now has $30,000 less available to spend on the thing he wanted!

I now see that many people spend money and resources on things they don’t want, and this keeps them from moving ahead in life.  People invest time in relationships they know won’t work out, perhaps even abusive relationships.  They spend money with friends at movies they have no interest in seeing.  They take jobs they don’t want instead of searching for something more fulfilling.

When you spend your time and money on stuff you don’t want, you have that much less to spend on the stuff which creates a more fulfilling environment.  It is better to wait and bring the right things into your life, than to invest in stuff that will leave you with regret.

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