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How To Predict Your Financial Future

Want to know about your financial future?  It’s easy!

Take a close look at the lifestyle of a few people who engaged in the same career as you are in  now,  but began 10 to 20 years prior than you.  Do you like their lifestyle?  If not, you should consider doing something else today, something different than they have done.

Albert Einstein stated that “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, while expecting a different result”.  Like all others, you are not immune to the laws of cause and effect.  If you engage in the same career choices as your longer term colleagues,  you will have what they have, because you are doing what they did.  Your future lifestyle will become similar to their current lifestyle.  Plain and simple!

If you realize this truth, and don’t like the probable outcome, it doesn’t mean you need to give up your career, or change direction by 180 degrees.  Instead, you just need to recognize the path you have chosen will not accomplish the desired result.

Once that recognition takes hold, you can then choose to enhance your career with an additional income source, or live more conservatively while investing the savings.  Ideally, you should look to someone who has the lifestyle you want, then copy what they did.  At least you know it works!



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