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What Do You Do With Your Soap?

When it comes to money, I’m a very conservative person.  I don’t like waste.  So with most things, I try to conserve, and that includes making the best use of my soap!

So what do you do with your soap?  Now, I’m not talking about the fresh new bars of soap you unwrap just prior to taking a shower.  Instead, I am talking about the little scrap of soggy mess melted in the soap dish, with the bar almost dissolved.  Do you throw that scrap away, and replace it with a new bar?  Or, do you make the most of it?

One bar of shower soap lasts me about one week.  By week’s end, it becomes a little scrap in the soap dish.  When I take a new bar out of the box, I wet it down and stick the scrap from the old bar on to it.  It then drys and acts as a single bar the next day.  No soap goes wasted.  Furthermore, for every 6 to 8 bars of soap I use, these scraps add up to about 1 extra bar.  Over a lifetime, that’s a lot of soap and a lot saved cash!  It costs me nothing to develop this habit.

A bar of soap is about $1.50 at the local Walmart.  Suppose I can save $1.50 every six weeks.  Assuming I am able to invest that $1.50 every 6 weeks at a nominal rate of 10% each year, over 40 years that adds up to just less than $7000!

Now you are probably thinking I have lost my mind!  Perhaps.  But it’s habits like these that tell me if you waste away your cash, or if you are careful with money.  If I am an employer and looking to hire, I want employees who naturally make the best use of my resources.  So what you do with your soap tells me what kind of employee you might be!

This is a simple “slick” idea to save a little extra, and it costs you nothing!



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