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Accountability. Where Has It Gone?

Definition of ACCOUNTABILITY according to Webster’s dictionary:

“An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions”

As I look around today’s world, I see:

  • CEOs of retail companies blame their poor financial performance on the weather.  Yet they don’t attribute the good financial performance to the weather!
  • Parents are sued over violent acts committed by their adult child…….instead of the adult child who actually committed the crime being charged with the crime.
  • Landlords are charged with a crime because their tenant sold drugs out of a rental unit………instead of the tenant being charged with the crime.
  • High schools are sued because a student does something wrong to another student……..instead of holding the first student responsible for their own actions.
  • Homeowners sue banks over home loans they won’t or can’t pay back per the loan agreements…….. instead of the homeowners being held responsible for not paying the debt they agreed to pay.
  • Russia is accused of causing Donald Trump to win the election……. yet few ever ask the voters who actually went to the voting booth why they voted for Trump.  Russia didn’t place a single vote!
  • Stockbrokers get sued when a stock goes down a lot……. yet they never get sued when the stock goes up a lot.
  • A wife with a wayward husband blames the other woman…….instead of holding her husband responsible for his poor decisions.

I could easily add 50 more items to this list!  But you get the point.

Is anyone accountable for anything anymore?  What changed in the past several years, where we are no longer responsible for the results we create?

For some reason, when I fail in today’s world, it is your fault and no longer my own.  Additionally, when my life is uncomfortable, you (or the government) has to do something about it.  When did the phase “I have a problem, therefore you have to change” become mainstream?

I worry about our society when accountability is not recognized at nearly every level!  It’s lacking for individuals, the family, the community business, big business, and at the highest levels of government.

“The Question Behind The Question” is a great book about personal accountability. Instead of blaming others for our predicament, the author instead proposes asking “What can I do to improve the situation.”

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