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How To Become Successful

While our definitions of success may differ, most of us want to be successful.  Whether you want more money, more fame, more achievement, a promotion, good grades in school, a successful relationship, or just peace of mind, true success for many can seem like a distant goal.  Over time, many will forget their dreams, and put their life on autopilot.  They just get by, and perhaps feel regret when they realize how quickly life has passed.  They look back, and wonder what impact they really made.

Most people are not exposed to success principles early on, and therefore do not realize until later that success is not something you are just born with.  Success is not something that happens by accident.  It is a process, the steps of which all successful people eventually master, yet never perfect.  “The Success Loop” defines the success process, and will help you overcome areas where you may be stuck.  It is never too late to realize your full potential!

IDENTIFY YOUR DREAMS:  Most people do not know how to dream, to correctly desire what we don’t yet have.  We are taught from a young age that we can’t have things, and that money doesn’t grow on trees.  Eventually, we may give up thinking that life can be dramatically different than it is now.    We get stuck.  This step of The Success Loop will teach you how to look inside yourself and identify what it is you truly want.  Those who do not dream correctly drift like the wind, chasing one thing then another, never fully feeling the satisfaction of their accomplishments.  Learning to dream correctly will set you on the right path from the start.

HAVE HOPE:  Hope is the fuel of life.  It is like the gas in the car that gets you going, making you excited for each new day.  Hope is what gives you the right attitude for success.  You probably know many people who have a “bad” attitude.  It’s not so much that their attitude is bad.  In fact, their attitude is precisely aligned with their level of hope.  Increasing your hope will improve your attitude.

HAVE FAITH: It’s one thing to hope for a successful outcome.  It’s quite another to know that outcome is yours, as if it has already happened.  Faith is knowledge of the unseen.  It is critical for success, and there are ways to increase it.

COURAGE:  Success will require courage.  It will require YOUR courage, and that can be very scary, depending on your dream.  Everyone can benefit from the courage of others, but every man and woman must earn courage on their own.  It is the bridge you must cross, to move from the previous “thinking” steps of success to the next “action” steps of success.

TAKE ACTION:  You can dream about success all day long.  You can have the most faith of anyone.  And you can be courageous beyond belief.  But success will only happen for those who take action.  You WILL have to do something to be successful.  Your actions will convert ideas to reality.  Action is what causes dreams to be realized.

BE PERSISTENT:  Rare is the person who finds success on the first attempt.  Toddlers don’t learn to walk on the first try.  As youngsters they stumble with many things they attempt, and they have to try again multiple times.  Successful people see multiple failures, but after each hurdle they learn, and try again.  Persistence is necessary, costly, and painful.  It is what ultimately makes success feel so good.

EVALUATE RESULTS:  Successful people evaluate their results.  They are brutally truthful with themselves, and honestly try to improve.  Evaluating your results is different than judging yourself.  People who evaluate themselves feel worthy enough to improve.  People who judge themselves feel unworthy, and recoil in fear.  This step of The Success Loop will help you see the difference.

HELP OTHERS:  No greater joy can be felt than when helping others succeed.  No matter how much help you offer, nobody can take your success from you.  Success is like knowledge.  Once you have it, it cannot be taken away.  But it can be given away forever. There is also a difference between helping others, and enabling others.  Removing another person’s struggle disables them from their own success.  There is also a difference between real success, and the appearance of success.  This step will help you help others effectively.

So these are the steps in “The Success Loop”.  Each step must be mastered before you realize the fruits of success.  Regardless of where you are starting, this is a great book to help put a framework around where you are going, and how you might want to get there.

If you want more in life, I highly recommend you click the link above and get your copy of “The Success Loop” today!

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