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I know he is a jerk, but I love him!

The guy you are seeing cheats on you, and then lies about it.  Perhaps he spends more time with his buddies than he does with you.  Maybe he borrows from you, says he will pay you back, and then doesn’t.  You know he treats you poorly, but he really is a nice guy and you love him.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear themes like these.  Frankly, you don’t have to convince me that you love him.  Instead you may want to try convincing me that you love yourself!

We treat best that which we love the most.  Yet with jerks as described above, many women will throw wide open the door of poor treatment, allowing themselves to be walked over, taken advantage of, and do so in a totally voluntary way.

You cannot love others effectively until you love yourself.  Disrespecting yourself by allowing yourself to be treated poorly is not an act of love.  Instead, it is likely an act of fear.  Fear that he will leave you.  Fear that you may not be able to pay your bills without him in your life.  Fear of being alone.  Fear of not being able to find someone else.  Fear of the unfamiliar.  Fear of…..(name the fear here).

If you have a guy in your life who pisses you off because he treats you poorly and disrespects you, demand that you be treated better.  You deserve it.  Clearly define how you want him to treat you, and communicate that.  Don’t beat around the bush.  If he doesn’t honor your wishes, it may be time to move on.  Don’t let fear hold you back.  You have limited precious time on this planet, and you should make the best of it.

Love yourself first, and then you will be able to truly love others.

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