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How To Buy Gold

Where do I buy gold? Is it better to buy coins, or bars? What about collector coins? I am often asked these questions, and will attempt to summarize the various options you have when it comes to storing wealth in bullion. Please note, this is NOT investment advice and is intended as education only.

Asset Bubbles EVERYWHERE! Thank The Federal Reserve!

The Federal Reserve, along with other central banks around the world, are recklessly bringing the world economy to the edge of an abyss from which there will be no graceful exit.

The zero, and negative, interest rate policy they have instituted is blowing up financial asset bubbles like none ever seen in our lifetimes! Just as when an avalanche is permitted to excessively build up on a hillside, when the disaster happens, the communities in its path will be decimated!

MOAB: Mother Of All Bubbles!

War in the Middle East? Possibly nuclear war? Not a big deal. Just keep buying stocks! Impeachment? Nothing to see here! It’s just politics as usual. Longest bull market and economic expansion in history? Don’t worry, the Fed has our backs. They won’t let it fall. 2nd highest valuations EVER on the S&P 500 index? Just keep shoveling your hard earned paycheck into those 401(k)s! Buy for the long haul! The credit markets at FIVE THOUSAND year highs (aka: interest rates at 5000 year lows, even going negative)? It’s okay. It’ll work itself out over time. You gotta jump on this while it lasts!

Bolshevik Terrorists!

I typically try to avoid the sensitive political commentary minefields, and prefer instead to focus on financial ideas where I can add value. But today’s rhetoric by the Bolshevik terrorists who occupy the US House of Representatives has finally pushed me over the edge!

INFLATION – Coming Soon!

Since September 17, 2019, the Federal Reserve has been printing hundreds of millions of dollars like never before, in what I believe to be a covert attempt to rescue the failing Deutsche Bank from the brink. The federal government deficit, and debt, have never been higher. And now we are facing the possibility of a serious war in the middle east!

Any ONE of these is enough to cause a serious spike in inflation. Now imagine all three hitting at once!

The $350 Billion Bank Bailout Of September 2019!

The US banking system broke this past week, and in a BIG way! This is the first time this has happened since the 2008 financial crisis. Interestingly, that crisis began in a similar way. Unfortunately, the news media is yawning over this significant event just as they did in 2007/08 when the banking system was breaking then!

Gold Is Glittering!

With mounting risks in the world economy, a aging bull market that could now could be considered a generation old, and interest rates around the world going negative, precious metals have been the place to be. I am fully expecting the gold and silver rally that began in May this year to continue for many months to come.

Negative Interest Rates: Say Whaaaaat??

nterest rates throughout much of the world, especially in Europe and particularly Germany, have gone negative. You read that right! Lenders, instead of collecting interest on money they lend, PAY borrowers to borrow! Given that scenario, is it no wonder the world has gone bonkers borrowing money?